buying a new home

Buying a new home starts with 1) good timing (for example, market fluctuation and knowing where you are monetarily), & 2) finding a honest, knowledgeable Broker to guide you through the process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for references. Your Broker can offer referrals to qualified professionals that can help you through the process.



Get qualified for a mortgage.  In order to purchase a new home, you will need to have a budget. Know how much you want to pay monthly for a mortgage, taxes, and insurance.
Find the right location. Before you look at the inside; look at the outside! Think about the neighborhood, school district, distance to work, etc. etc.
Look at homes. Check local newspapers or open houses. Ask your Broker to set up an automatic search of new homes coming on the market with your criteria and location.

selling your home

Selling your home is a complex process that involves many, many elements and moving parts. Interview a few professionals to find a qualified, experienced Broker/Agent who can explain & guide you with simple, actionable steps. An experienced Real Estate professional should listen to you and guide you based on your needs. 



Know where you’re going after your home is sold. When do you have to be there? Make sure you have enough time so you won’t have to carry expenses for two homes. Give yourself lead time to clear, clean, and stage the home you're selling.
Interview a broker. Take the time to find someone who is knowledgeable and will listen to your needs. You’ll want to understand your current market value and a good Broker/Agent will be able to show you stats and comps, not just talk at you.
Determine the list price. A knowledgeable Broker will give you a range (high/low) and ask you where you want to start. It’s your house! What you think is important. They will explain how the market changes every day and how that effects your list price.

staging your home

If you are thinking of selling, staging is essential to give yourself an edge in the market.  Staging can be accomplished with your own items as you are packing up your belongings to move. An experienced Broker has seen hundreds of homes and has a good idea what sells and what doesn’t. They can walk through your home and guide you on what to leave for staging and what to pack up.



Ask a professional for a staging plan. Find an experienced professional who will guide you through the process.
Follow the plan.  A written staging plan can be a key element to getting your home sold fast and for the best price the market will allow.
Trust the process. Selling your home starts with understanding the process - which an experienced Broker/Agent can explain and impliment.

purchasing income property

Real estate can be a great investment but picking the wrong property can be disastrous. Are you looking to invest and have returns in the form of rental income or profit derived from the sale of a rehabbed home? Homes that need significant repair and upgrading but are in hot locations may be wise investments. Start with one property and seek the advice of a Real Estate professional.



Start small.
Stay local for your first property.
If you are financing, plan for 20-25% down.